Erectile problems as you age: Is it inevitable?

Everyone seems to think it’s just a normal part of life: As a man grows older, he’ll begin to find it difficult to achieve an erection. While many men encounter this problem when they are younger, it is commonly believed that such an affliction will come with age.

But the simple truth is that erectile problems affect people of all ages. Conversely, it’s becoming increasingly common for men to have sex well into their 80’s. Erectile problems aren’t a byproduct of aging; it’s a byproduct of how you have lived your life.

Experts have found that there are a number of lifestyle factors that can lead to erectile problems down the line, including:

*Lack of exercise

*Regular cigarette smoking

*Excessive alcohol consumption

Erectile issues can even be caused by things that are completely out of your hands, such as disease. Additionally, a large amount of erectile issues come from psychological issues.

No matter what has lead to your erectile issues, researchers stress that erectile issues aren’t set in stone for men as they age. By living active, healthy lives, men can avoid the physical causes of erectile issues. By regularly scheduling check-ups with a doctor, it may be possible to avoid any disease-related erectile issues. Psychological problems are trickier, because it’s not something you can treat until you know it’s there. Should psychological problems make it difficult to achieve an erection, see a psychiatrist and get to the root of the problem.

At the end of the day, it’s possible to remain happy, healthy, and sexually active well into your golden years. You just need to be proactive in ensuring you will.

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