Does Age Really Cause Loss of Erection Issues?

With the flood of television commercials for Viagra and Cialis on the airwaves, it’s easy to get confused by the messages crammed into a 30 second spot.  Some commercials lead consumers to believe that erection problems, which is described as difficulty getting or keeping an erection, happens to every man as he ages.  Is it true?  Not exactly.

What role does age play in Loss of Erections?

More often than not poor erections are caused by an underlying medical condition, like heart troubles or diabetes.  Since these problems are more likely to occur in older men, erection health issues are also more likely to occur.  However, the simple act of getting older doesn’t mean the plumbing stops working.  A lot depends on your overall health.

How do you know if you have Loss of Erections?

If you are having trouble getting or keeping an erection on more than one or two occasions, it may be erectile dysfunction, or ED.  The point at which it becomes a problem differs for each person.  When it does hinder your sex life, or cause stress and worry in other areas of your life, it’s time to visit a doctor.

If having this conversation with a doctor seems a bit embarrassing, can help.  We have trained medical professionals ready to assist.  By filling out a discrete online questionnaire, a doctor can access your condition and decide whether or not a medication like Viagra or Cialis is right for you.

What’s the difference in medications like Viagra and Cialis?

These lifestyle medications cost about the same.  Through, a 10-pill supply of Viagra is $265 and Cialis is $285.  Both of the erection pills work by increasing blood flow to the penis, which allows men to get and keep an erection.  The pills are taken before sex, and typically take less than 30 minutes to kick in.

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