Common Health Issues That Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

The predominately male sex hormone testosterone is 20 times more prevalent in men than women, giving the widely believed notion that men want sex all the time. Not really surprising considering how much more testosterone men have than women. The physical act of sex considerably eases the testosterone pressure men experience constantly.

Here are some updates on solutions for the most common male sexual issues, because many men don’t know enough about their sexuality and bodies, even though it is a biological reality that men have a bigger issue about sex than women.

The issue at hand

Urologists and sexual therapists treat hundreds of cases of erectile dysfunction a month, in which the most common treatment methods include using medications such as Viagra and Cialis. Many men choose to buy these medications online, due to its discretion and convenience. However, learning how to buy Cialis or Viagra online is important and it is critical to order only FDA-approved medications from a secure online pharmacy.

ED is defined as a condition when a man is unable to achieve or maintain an erection suitable for successful sexual intercourse. Experts say this issue accounts for most sexual issues that men encounter. It’s a “use it or lose it” scenario sexologists like to tell their patients. An excess of masturbation or sex may actually help against erectile dysfunction, which goes against popular belief. Old men are expected to have a decreased libido due to drops in testosterone levels, but it seems younger men are joining the older ones for various reasons. Treating ED is a sensitive subject, and in recent studies, men are starting to favor Cialis over its competitor Viagra.

At the University of Tampere in Finland, researchers observed that men having sex less than once a week also had twice the amount of problems with erectile dysfunction, as compared to those who had sex more than once per week.

Dr. V.K. Wadia, a sexual medicine consultant at the Bhagat Hospital says, “Your brain desires something, and arousal takes place”. Once the arousal takes place, blood flow increases to the penis, causing the erection. “Erection is a mind and body game,” he adds. Issues such as stress, performance anxiety, or psychological reasons and physical disease, can cause the natural erection process to fail.

Other Causes for ED
Heart disease, obesity, spinal injury, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, high blood pressure, and other diseases can unfortunately cause the failure of an erection.

In addition, the development of plaque in the penile arteries can affect the process of getting an erection due to the above diseases. A Mayo Clinic study shows there is an 80% risk increase that men who have erectile dysfunction will eventually develop heart disease, as compared to men without heart disease. They surmise that the plaque that clogs arteries in the heart may actually start with the smaller penile arteries that get clogged and cause the ED.

Other factors can also affect men’s performance in bed. Alcohol, smoking, substance abuse, and some anti-depressants can all be contributors. Even a lot of bicycling can cause ED, believe it or not. The bike seat can compress nerves and stem blood flow to the penis over a period of time.

Think you have performance anxiety or a psychological problem? If you get a morning erection – healthy males normally get an erection in their sleep 3 to 4 times a week – then you should be fine. If you don’t, then your incapacity for erections can be resolved by treating the underlying problem before it gets worse. You should speak with your doctor if you feel you may have erectile dysfunction, whether it is caused by physical problems or psychological ones. Your doctor can either prescribe you an ED medication (which can also be bought online), provide another course of action, or give you a referral to another specialist who may be able to help your situation.

The main thing is to overcome any urges to ignore the problem. Simply step forward and address your ED issues, because solutions are available.

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