Win Against Winter: Why Cranking the Heat Up Isn’t Just Bad for Your Wallet

sneezing, winter, dry heat, heater, humidifierEver notice how much sicker and all together less appealing people and nature can be in winter? Look at your houseplants, for example, they thrive in the humid, warm sunshiny days of mid summer but when they get their leafy hides brought in for winter, they become instantly saddened and die. The same goes for people. We go into hiding during the winter. It’s far too cold to play outside and there isn’t much to do anyway.

So instead of being active like we should be, we curl up on the couch with a six pack of beer and a bag of chips to enjoy our movie marathon along side. This alone is obviously not healthy but when coupled with the fact that you’re breathing in stale, old, contaminated air, the health level definitely decreases.

Keep the Heat Down Low

When you go from warm and sunny with the windows open to caged in with a constant flow of dry heated air, you are bound to feel miserable. The higher the heat and the longer it runs, the drier the air and the more water you need to be drinking to make up for the lost moisture. We don’t drink more though because our activity level is low and we do not feel like we need to drink more. Subsequently, we become dehydrated, and our noises, throats and sinuses dry up and become irritated. Since your breathing is all dried out and irritated, you will be more sensitive to sneezing fits, congestion and infection. If you leave your heat setting a bit lower, you stand a chance of not having your nose as dried out.

Use a Humidifiersneezing, winter, dry heat, heater, humidifier

I cannot speak enough about using a humidifier and how much it can provide relief this time of year. It will add needed moisture to the air you breathe and allow you to be a little less congested and dried up feeling. Make sure to keep a cold steam humidifier in your bedroom at night, you tend to breathe deeper during sleep so it is important to have adequate moisture available. With a humidifier you will notice you won’t sneeze nearly as much as not be so susceptible to catching constant colds and being bothered by allergies.

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