How to Win at Dieting

dieting, fat, obesity, weight loss, eating healthy, sodiumDieting is difficult and always requires a certain level of motivation. Much of the time, even after our long weeks of special foods and exercise, our goals are not met. It can be grim playing trial and error games with our bodies and minds. Not every diet is right for your body, age, sex, and mentality. The media makes it even more difficult when parading extravagant diets with superior results in our desperate chubby faces. I’d like to go over a few dieting options, along with their do’s and don’ts.

The Carb Craze

Let’s go over a few facts about carbs. Carbohydrates are necessary for our everyday life. We require a certain amount of unprocessed carbs to create energy for our bodies and minds. While cutting carbs may have a fairly fast effect, it is not healthy and it will not last. Once you stop the crazy carb free diet, you will slowly go back to eating carbs.

It may just be that you see no harm in eating sandwiches or maybe your low fat pasta will find its way back on to the table.  Either way, the weight will only stay off as long as you’re carb free. Most processed carb foods are also filled with salt and sugar. Whole grain, low sugar, and low salt is the way to go. A healthier option to the carb free diet is the low carb or healthy carb diet. Moderation is key. Try eating healthy carbs for breakfast and lunch, like unprocessed oatmeal without sugar and a banana or brown unprocessed rice with steamed vegetables.  Stay away from any processed carbs, such as french fries, white rice/bread, any microwavable meals, or anything fried.

Fats are Bad

A common misconception is that fat and calories are bad for you. Most snack companiesdieting, weight loss, sexy, skinny, obesity boast low calorie or low fat foods. This is a myth. Use your best judgment. If you think the snack crackers are unhealthy even if they say low fat, you are most likely dead on. Not only do these foods have a ton of empty calories but they are also filled with salt. Salt will make you retain water and cause bloating and weight gain. Try to stay away from salt as much as you can and I promise it will hugely benefit you and how you feel. Calories and fats found in food from processed sugar, fried breading, and cheese, are not only bad for your waistline but are also terrible for your heart. Try adding foods that will introduce good fats in your diet; avocados, olive oil, eggs (in moderation), soy, and low fat dairy products. Plain organic yogurt is an excellent source of vitamins, calcium, and carbohydrates. Stay away from anything fried,  or cooked in butter or oil. Always opt for lean meats and fish.

All Else Fails:
You can lose weight the healthy-way by exercising , eating healthy and taking a healthy FDA-approved medication such as Xenical. Make sure to ask your doctor if Xenical is right for you before taking it.

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