What Makes a Penis Attractive? [Hint: It’s Not What You Think!]

When it comes to penises, most men think that size (and especially length), is the only thing that matters to women. The truth, however, is much more complicated. Recent research published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine indicates that no matter what men might think, women prefer well-proportioned and well-groomed penises over those with extra length.

Many Men Make Incorrect Assumptions

Before we enter into this discussion, it’s worthwhile to note that men tend to exaggerate the size of the average male penis. Indeed, most men believe that the average size for an erect penis is over 6 inches, when in fact multiple studies have shown that the true average length is actually closer to five inches at 5.16 inches (for an erect penis without being stretched).

It’s important for men to realize that they may have incorrect assumptions about the average size. This can lead to worry, feelings of inadequacy, and frustration.

So How Much Does Size Matter?

In 2015, scientists polled women in California to gauge the average woman’s preferences regarding penis size. They used a questionnaire that included the question “What would be the ideal size for a husband or serious long-term boyfriend?” The researchers surveyed almost a hundred women of a variety of ethnic backgrounds.

The results showed that, in general, women were much more concerned with circumference and girth than with length and in general showed a preference for penises that were only slightly above the standard population-average size.

This research suggests that women do not value penis length nearly as much as do men and that the preference for a slightly wider circumference might be due to the way that a wider penis might stretch the vaginal opening and stimulate the deep structures of a woman’s anatomy.

If Size Doesn’t Matter, What Does?

The conclusions published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine indicate that women, in general, place much more emphasis on the overall appearance and proportions of the penis and the way in which men manicure and manage their pubic hair.

A majority of sexually active men in the United States groom their pubic hair, with younger men paying more attention to pubic grooming than older men. Why is this? Because women prefer it. As Men’s Health magazine recently reported, women prefer men who groom and trim their pubic hair, a practice sometimes called “manscaping.”

What Can You Do to Make Sure You Are Reaching Your Full Size and Girth?

If your goal is to attract and please women, it’s important to remember the necessity of grooming and hygiene. You may also, however, want to ensure that your penis is reaching its maximum length and girth for your own sense of confidence. If you, like many men, are having a hard time getting and/or maintaining a firm erection, it may be time to talk to a doctor about erectile dysfunction medication.

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