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Valtrex, Valacyclovir, & Acyclovir: Pharmacies with Best Prices January 2020

To find the best deals for powerful antiviral medications, be sure to check Secure Medical’s monthly review of prescription drug prices. Here’s how prices stacked up for January 2020. 

There is no cure for infections with the herpes simplex 1 and 2 viruses. Once these pesky viruses have invaded your system, they take up permanent residence. They spend much of their time dormant in nerve cells but can become symptomatic during periodic outbreaks.

The herpes simplex virus 1 is most closely associated with cold sores and fever blisters, while HSV 2 is responsible for genital herpes.

Powerful Antiviral Agents

The only effective weapons against outbreaks of these viral infections are potent antiviral medications such as acyclovir and valacyclovir. The latter is also sold under the brand name Valtrex.

As we’ve already noted, these drugs won’t rid your system of these viral infections, but they can go a long way toward reducing the frequency and severity of outbreaks. They also offer relief from the symptoms of herpes zoster infection, which causes shingles.

To get the best possible deal for these medications, it’s helpful to stay abreast of current prices at major pharmacy retailers. And an excellent tool for monitoring those prices is Secure Medical’s monthly review of select prescription drug prices.

Acyclovir Prices

In January 2020, the average price for a 400 mg tablet of acyclovir was $3.03. But a careful check of acyclovir prices at specific retailers would have revealed that the lowest price was 64 cents, 78.9 percent lower than the average price, available at Publix pharmacies. If you live in an area that’s not served by Publix, which is confined to the southeastern United States, the next lowest price was 75 cents at Walmart. And that price was a hefty 75.2 percent lower than the average.

Valtrex Prices

If your preference is for Valtrex, the brand-name counterpart of valacyclovir, its average price in January was $14.30 per 500 mg tablet. Publix offered the same-size tablet at $13.32, 6.9 percent lower than the average, while it was available at Walmart for $13.87, 3 percent lower than the average price.

Valacyclovir Prices

The average price for valacyclovir, the generic equivalent of Valtrex, was $4.20 per 500 mg tablet in January 2020. Once again, Publix offered the lowest price on this drug — 68 cents, 83.8 percent lower than the average. Although considerably higher than Publix’s price, valacyclovir was available at Meijer and Kroger pharmacies for $2.32, still 44.8 percent below the average price.

Ordering Antivirals Online

For those who prefer the convenience and privacy of ordering their drugs online, Arizona-based is a longtime prescription drug service with a sterling reputation. Its January 2020 prices for acyclovir 400 mg and valacyclovir 500 mg were $2.09 and $2.96, respectively. That put eDrugstore’s price for acyclovir 31 percent below the average and its price for valacyclovir 29.5 percent below the average. Its price for Valtrex was $17.75, 24 percent above the average price of $14.30.

Distinguishing itself from brick-and-mortar retailers, eDrugstore’s prices cover not just the drugs but a bundle of time- and money-saving services as well. Order from eDrugstore, and you’ll no longer have to make the bothersome trip to the local pharmacy. And shipping is free.

Best of all, eDrugstore offers a convenient way for you to get a prescription for the drugs you need. Its complimentary consultation service will match you up online with a physician licensed to practice in your state. If the doctor finds that you’re an appropriate candidate for the drug, a prescription will be authorized. To learn more, pay a visit to eDrugstore’s Sexual Health page.

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