Popular over-the-counter drugs recalled, again

If you are a Tylenol user you should check your medicine cabinet.  The makers of the popular painkiller are recalling medications.

According to the Food and Drug Administration, about 70 people became ill because of a moldy smell coming from the bottles.  Reports say the smell may come from chemicals that are put on the shipping pallets used to send out the meds.  Consumers said the odor caused nausea, vomiting, and stomach pain.

This recent announcement comes on the heels of another massive recall less than two months ago.  This time around Tylenol says they are recalling 36,000 boxes that hit stores shelves.  Everything from cold medications to allergy pills are on the list of recalled products.

The odd odor was first reported to Tylenol’s administration in 2008, and it’s not the first time the company has recalled drugs because of the odor, it’s happened six times in the past three years.

Since the problem has not been adequately dealt with the FDA is now taking over three Tylenol plants to investigate the problem.  The FDA admits this is a rare action, but believes two plants in Pennsylvania and one in Puerto Rico need immediate attention.  The makers of Tylenol, McNeil PPC (a division of Johnson and Johnson) will have to follow the agencies plans to bring their manufacturing practices back up to federally mandated standards.  If the company fails to comply, the FDA could force more recalls and fine the company up to $15,000 each day.  Fines could add up to $10 million annually.

Tylenol 8 hour, Tylenol Arthritis Pain, Tylenol Sinus, Benadryl, and Sudafed PE are all on the list of recalled products.  To see specific lot numbers of recalled products, check Tylenol’s official website.  Anyone with recalled pills should not take them.

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