Study: Supplements Labeled Illegally

Are supplements misleading?

There are hundreds of herbal supplements and vitamins on the market, each claiming to aid the body in some way. From weight loss to energy boosts, these supplements make broad claims. A recent study shows dozens of these claims aren’t just untested; they are illegal.

Study shows alarming results

A report released by the Department of Health and Human Services’ inspector general, found that 20% of the 127 weight loss and immune-boosting supplements investigators purchased online and in retail stores across the country carried labels that made illegal claims to cure or treat disease.

Herbal supplements and vitamins are a multi-million dollar business. While medications must go through a rigorous testing process before hitting the market, supplements are in a category of there own and don’t undergo much testing, according to The Daily Chronicle.

“Consumers rely on a supplement’s claims to determine whether the product will provide a desired effect, such as weight loss or immune support,” the report said.

“Supplements that make disease claims could mislead consumers into using them as replacements for prescription drugs or other treatments for medical conditions, with potentially dangerous results.”

Weight loss supplements lead the way

Currently, weight loss supplements are one of the most popular supplements on the market. After being mentioned on television, raspberry ketones, flew off the shelves after being touted as a weight loss miracle.

“People are willing to take chances. It’s amazing how many people look for a miracle instead of looking at what they’re eating and how much they’re moving and fixing whatever is broken,” Mary Hartley, a registered dietitian and clinical nutritionist in Brooklyn, N.Y. told ABC News.

Many people take a supplement for weight loss.

While the study does not warn consumers about raspberry ketones specifically, researchers have issued a general warning to all consumers about supplements. They suggest talking with a doctor before beginning any kind of daily supplement.

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