Study Looks Into Connection Between Sports-Related Concussions and Suicide

Researchers investigate the risks of sports related head injuries.
Researchers investigate the risks of sports related head injuries.

The U.S. government is looking into a possible connection between youth related sports concussions and suicide risks.

An exhaustive study begins

The Institute of Medicine, part of the National Academies of Science, will conduct a thorough study of sports related head injuries from childhood to adulthood.

Researchers say it will be one of the biggest, most exhaustive studies conducted. The results will be poured over by a panel led by Robert Graham, a public health expert at George Washington University in Washington.

“You start talking about, ‘Is it safe for Sally to be playing soccer?,’ you get lots of public interest,” Graham, told Reuters after the committee’s first meeting.

Graham will put together a panel of researchers to draw conclusions from the information collected. He expects to report the findings to the Institute of Medicine in the middle of the summer. The results could be published by the end of the year.

Definition of a concussion

According to the CDC website, a concussion is “an injury that changes how the cells in the brain normally work. A concussion is caused by a blow to the head or body that causes the brain to move rapidly inside the skull. While some people in the sports world refer to a concussion as “getting your bell rung,” all concussions are serious, says the CDC.

Signs and symptoms of a concussion 

Head injuries are possible in all sports, according to the CDC.

Symptoms of a concussion include: headache, pressure in the head, nausea, balance problems, dizziness, double vision, sensitivity to light and confusion.

If you or a coach see any of these warning signs, the athlete should be taken out of the game and seek medical attention immediately. A concussion can occur without loss of consciousness. A trained medical professional should check out any medical concern.

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