Medicine: Is it Hurting More than it’s Helping?

It seems like there’s a medicine for just about anything you can dream up these days. Every channel on TV boasts the almost magical powers of the latest, greatest medicines you’ve ever seen. Every doctor’s office is littered with pamphlets on how to know if you need to look into taking a medicine and why said medicine is right for you. But what if it’s not? What if you did your homework only to realize the medicine was terribly bad for you and just about anyone else that decided to take it?

So many people blindly take whatever the doctor prescribes them without question or challenge. That is a poor way to be since it is YOUR body that you are filling with these medications, it would be best for you to educate yourself on your condition and all the possible solutions before jumping into that bottle of magic pills.

Beware the Advertisements

Late at night you may get tired of seeing the slew of lawyer commercials promising to help you get the money you deserve from the evil drug company that made your baby born with birth defects or changed your way of life for the worse. If you put together all the ridiculously long commercials promoting medications and also the anti drug company commercials promoting lawyers and lawsuits, then you would be watching an awful lot of dead air.

Do Your Homework

The best and most educated thing you can do to combat the constant flow of contradictory information you are fed is to do your homework. If you suffer from migraines and want to cure them forever, find out what is causing them and try to alleviate them by doing the natural thing. Is it easiest to just pop a pill everyday without asking questions in the hope that the pill will magically cure everything for you but really that’s just lazy on your part. Get off your butt and do some proactive research to see what you can do to help yourself. Try doing some reading online, go to the library, and come up with a list of natural self-help actions you can try on your own. I think that you will be surprised how well you can help yourself without seeking medical attention.

Of course, if you have gone down every path you could think of and still suffer from your illness, reach out to a doctor for more options. It isn’t necessarily a bad thing to reach out to your doctor before you’ve even begin trying to cure your symptoms on your own. Just make sure to express to them that you want to be educated before making any decisions where the side effects might outweigh the benefits.

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