Which Hollywood Hunks Have the Biggest Dicks? 9 Huge Celebrities with Legendary Large Penis Size

They say good things come in small packages, but when it comes to a guy’s package, we beg to differ. Nowhere is this more true than in Hollywood, where everything is exaggerated. So, which Hollywood hunks are packing heat? Here’s our countdown of 9 Celebrities with Legendary Penis Size. Enjoy…their partners sure do!


9. Charlie Chaplin

While he may have been the star of silent films, we’re guessing his lovers weren’t silent at all when they got a look at the Little Tramp’s “Big Tramp.” Described as the “Eighth Wonder of the World,” Mr. Chaplin must have been trying to tell us something about his manhood by hauling around that cane all the time. Without the cane, the weight of the wanker might have toppled him over. Who knew?


8. Eddie Murphy

Listening to that ridiculous laugh could actually be made tolerable for a moment with Eddie’s wobbly bits. It’s rumored that Eddie is “well-hung” with a penis measuring in the 8- to 9-inch range. No wonder he was cast as Donkey in Shrek, right?


7. Frank Sinatra

Seems this legendary crooner had more going for him than those sultry blue eyes and a voice to match. Sinatra’s former wife, Ava Gardner, was once quoted as saying, “He only weighs 120, but 100 pounds is cock.” We wonder if “Ol’ Blue Eyes” ever had Ol’ Blue Balls?


6. Brandon Routh

When Superman comes to town, he’s doing more than fighting the bad guys: he’s giving the ladies a little eye candy beneath the Superman Spandex. In fact, when it came time for Routh to suit up, studio execs were a little (okay, a lot) concerned with Routh’s “Li’l Hero.” Seems his package is so large they worried that displaying it on the big screen would frighten young viewers. Instead of digitally enhancing actors, as they usually do, the studio actually had to scale back Routh’s willy with digital effects.


5. Owen Wilson

The “Butterscotch Stallion” apparently lives up to his nickname. One quick look at this picture and it’s no wonder why the blond version of the Brothers Wilson is one sought-after lover. This is one case where the size of a guy’s nose is in direct correlation with the size of his piece.


4. Liam Neeson

We all love the way the 6’4” Neeson fills up the silver screen, but turns out his penis fills up his pants, too. According to the zany Janice Dickinson, a former lover of Neeson’s, he “has the biggest penis of any man alive.” Whoa. She goes on to say, “He unzipped his pants and an Evian bottle fell out.” Hopefully the cap was screwed on!


3. David Beckham

It doesn’t take a billboard in Times Square to show the world that David Beckham is packing a meat market beneath his Armani whities. Okay, maybe it does. Once we got an eyeful of Mr. Beckham’s stick, we were convinced he’s scoring plenty of goals both on and off the soccer field. Says wife Victoria, “It is like a tractor exhaust pipe!” That’s one British export that American women will gladly take.


2. Daniel Craig

If the famed Judi Dench calls your tool “an absolute monster” does that mean it’s so? We’ll take that as a “Hell, yeah!” And by the looks of this photo, his endowment is worthy of a little Bond movie of its own.


1. Milton Berle

Bet you didn’t expect an old school A-lister to make the #1 spot on our countdown, did you? But when his manhood has been described as both an “anaconda”and a “pepperoni,” there is no denying Uncle Miltie was a penile superstar. And that’s no joke. In fact, his rod has been rumored to be a whopping fourteen inches long. Fourteen inches! In modern-day terms, that’s long enough for two Jerry Seinfelds and half a Dane Cook!

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