Keep Your Heart Healthy

We all want to lose weight, be healthy and never think of having a heart attack. That is just wishful thinking if you are not proactively supporting your fight against heart disease.

Our everyday lives are the culprit when it comes to heart health and we hold the outcome in our hands. By changing a few minor things around in your lifestyle you can just about guarantee a healthy or at least healthier heart.

Get Up

Sitting still for several hours daily is unhealthy for your heart. There isn’t anything wrong with watching a movie or catching some TV before bed but make sure to move around in the rest of your waking hours. This moving around bit can be tough to accomplish if you’re at work but try getting up to talk on the phone or just simply walking around the office for 5 minutes every hour.

Let It Go

Stress is bad for your heart. Try not to internalize your fears or stressors. Get it out and over with and you will rest easier and go through the rest of your day calmer. Your heart will thank you for minimizing panic episodes and constant tension. Try laughing more. Laughter is fantastic medicine and keeps you happy and healthy. If you are still battling stress, try talking to someone about it and let the stress go all the other times when you are not discussing your problems with this person.

Brush Your Teeth

In all humans and animals there is a strong relationship found between your gums and your heart. Make a promise to take care of your teeth daily like you were being watched by a dentist. Bacteria in your mouth can trigger inflammation in your body affecting your blood vessels. Brush and floss daily.

A Steady Pace Wins the Race

Keeping your heart healthy by exercising is fantastic and will help you stay in shape internally and externally. Be careful pushing yourself too hard. Keeping a steady medium pace is the way to do it. If you feel overexerted, back off a little. It is not healthy to push your body’s limits further than you need.

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