Headaches: How to Get Them Out of Your Head

It’s 3pm and suddenly you are faced with a teeth clenching and unbearable pain. You open your desk drawer to get out the ibuprofen and to your absolute alarm, find the bottle empty. You spin, dizzily looking at your desktop clock and realize you have 2 more hours of work left.

Desk work, while you squint at the obnoxiously bright computer screen surrounded by all those fancy fluorescent. The more you try to relax, the more the pain becomes your only focus. Before you race out the front door and into oncoming traffic to end the pain, try giving some of these suggestions a shot.

Watch Out For These Guys

Headaches seem to attack for no reason at all, but every headache has its cause. The most common type of headache is the tension headache. This is the kind of headache that makes you want to shut your eyes and rub your temples. The general causes of this headache can range from eye strain, stress, being cold, to facial muscle and jaw clenching. Stop doing those things, seriously. Take a deep breath and force your upper body and face to relax. Keep taking deep breaths with your eyes shut until the pain subsides. If possible, lay a damp cool cloth over your eyes for about 10 minutes.

Relieve Sinus Pain

The sinus pressure headache is an all too common enemy of mine. This is a close friend of the allergy headache. Unfortunately these are a bit tricky to solve as they are not muscles to relax but swollen sinuses and glands. The easiest fix for these is to add a little cayenne to your afternoon snack. It will clear your sinuses by allowing drainage into your throat. Not a terrific feeling but often times it feels like a million bucks compared to crippling sinus pain. Drink plenty of water when dealing with any kind of headache, especially one with swelling or drainage.

The Dreaded Migraine

The migraine is the great white of headaches. It can come on suddenly with sparkly glitter streaming across your vision until you’re in the fetal position on the ground. When you first feel the onset of a migraine, stop doing what you’re doing and allow your eyes and facial muscles to relax. Drink some cool water and lay down with your eyes shut. A little lemon in your water will help ward off the vertigo and extreme nausea that generally accompany migraines. Stay away from sweets, alcohol and caffeine when experiencing any type of headache, as these foes will certainly throw crippling rays of pain your way. Just remember to drink enough water and relax every now and then. Popping pills just won’t get to the root of the problem.

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