What’s Love Got To Do With It? A Guide to Casual Sex

sex, Viagra, Once Daily Cialis, Casual sex, WomenThousands of people sit at home night after night alone and depressed. They want to go out and meet someone new to bring excitement into their boring lives but they are too afraid to go out into the night alone.

Maybe they are afraid of being judged and shot down, maybe they think that running the town alone only happens in the movies and that it’s likely just an excellent way to set up being robbed. You don’t want to end up “that guy”, do you?

Get Out
The first step to having casual sex is obviously to get off your couch and into the world. If you hang out with the same people day in and day out and expect different scenarios to spring up, you are probably going to be disappointed in the outcome. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hanging with the same group you always have but try to take your wolf pack out into the wild and see what kind of mischief you all can stumble across. If you make yourselves vulnerable to life, life will drag you along its crazy ride kicking and screaming but also loving every minute of it. Even if you don’t run with a pack, go alone. There is little else that’s as eye opening and invigorating as going into a new challenge alone. Create yourself, know you are strong and confident then go make things happen.

Be Interesting and Honest
sex, Viagra, Once Daily Cialis, Casual sex, Women Saying these two things together may sound a bit odd but how many times have you gotten wrapped up in the throws of a story about your younger years when all of a sudden details get added in for extra benefit. Before long your story is just that, a story. Strike up a relaxed and friendly conversation with your choice of people and keep it real. Don’t hand lines to people who will see through them and dismiss you as an idiot. Talk about things that interest you and try to include your new friend. Ask their opinion of things and suggest you both meet again. Maybe even let the conversation lead into exchanging numbers or getting together for dinner later. Dinner has its way of becoming drinks and drinks can become pillow talk. Don’t forget to take your Daily Cialis, just in case things heat up.

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