Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning

Spring Clean your body.Winter is far behind us and we are well into the refreshing days of spring.  You’ve probably had the urge to open the windows, dust and vacuum, and basically remove the funk that accumulates during the cold winter months.

Since freshening up the outside world makes you feel so go, why not consider giving your body a spring cleaning too?

Historically people would eat what we now consider “junk foods” only during the winter months.  Salt would be used to store fatty meats for protein and necessary fats, while fruits and vegetables would be scarce aside from the occasional canned additions. 

Dried grains would also be available for breads and pastas.  All of these are rather unhealthy foods, but they were at one time necessary for survival.Spring Cleaning for your health. Diet, Detox, Eating Healthy.

The key is that they didn’t eat these salty, fatty, high carb foods all year long.  As spring rolled around the farm work began, providing fresh fruits and vegetables along with plenty of mandatory exercise.

Americans have developed a lazy habit of relying on preserved and processed foods, and not just during the winter months.  The convenience of pre-packaged foods has become a norm in society, along with the resulting obesity and heart problems.  Our bodies are exposed to many pollutants that the liver must filter from our blood.  As a result, we have all become used to not feeling as energetic and clear headed as we should.

There are a ton of crazy diets and detox products on the market that claim they can flush your system of toxins.  Why waste money on these products when you can do the same thing with products from your local grocery store.

First, dedicate yourself to a solid week on your new “spring cleaning” diet.  Erase alcohol, caffeine, meats, and eggs from your diet.  Alcohol inhibits liver repair and excessive use can cause liver damage.  Meats and eggs are often high in fat, which is not always bad but is certainly not part of your spring cleaning.  Also, absolutely no junk food or pre-packaged fruits and veggies, and stay away from sugar.

Your spring cleaning diet will consist of only fresh fruits and either raw or steamed vegetables.  Rice will also be a major part of the diet because it is easily digested and contains an acid that is actually healing to the intestines.  Fresh fruit will be breakfast and a combination of the three will be lunch and dinner.

This diet will allow both your digestive system and liver to heal themselves and flush the preservatives and toxins out of your body.  After a week you will fell better, be thinking clearer, and you may even have the motivation to continue with a new healthy lifestyle after you realize how amazing you can really feel!

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