Healthy Diet Tips – 6 Reasons you Should Drink Beer

I love beer.  It is delicious, refreshing, and relaxing.  There are so many different types that it is nearly impossible to ever get tired of it.  However, beer sometimes has a stigma attached to it that deems it unhealthy.

Beer in excess, or actually anything in excess, is usually bad for you.  However beer itself is actually extremely healthy.  Decades of research have shown that regular, moderate beer intake–one to two 12 ounce glasses per day for men and one for women–can be good for you.   Having a couple beers a day can provide some amazing health benefits, along with being a great reward for a hard days work.

Below are 5 very good reasons why you can feel guilt free next time you pop the top on a tasty brew.

#1 – A Healthy Heart

Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of both men and women in the United States.  Men who have healthy lifestyles and consume moderate amounts of alcohol have a 30 to 40% lower risk of a heart attack when compared to those who do not drink.  Next time someone buys you a beer after a stressful day, you can honestly tell them they are a “life saver.”

#2 – Stroke Prevention

Moderate drinking helps prevent the formation of blood clots with the blood thinning effects of alcohol.  This is especially true for clots in the heart, neck, and brain.  This helps prevent ischemic stroke, which is the most common kind of stroke.

#3 – Blood Pressure

Over 65 million people in the United States have problems with high blood pressure.  A 2007 study by Dutch scientists and researchers from the Harvard School of Public Health found that men who drink moderate amounts of alcohol experience a decrease in systolic blood pressure, and are statistically less likely to have a heart attack.

#4 Strong Bones

Research has proven that beer is very important in preventing bone loss and rebuilding bone mass in both men and young women.  This is a result of the high silicon content found in beer.  However, excess drinking can actually lead to weaker bones and more fractures.

#5 Brain Function

Yes, it’s true.  Just because beer may reduce your inhibitions, it’s not “frying” your brain as some people think.  A report published in the journal of the American Heart Association found that moderate drinking is associated with better cognitive function.  It has also been found to lower the risk of dementia in adults over 65 who consume between one and six alcoholic beverages each week.

#6 You Can Live Forever

No, unfortunately beer won’t really make you live forever.  However, a report from the United States Department of Agriculture showed that total mortality for middle-aged and older adults is reduced significantly if they drink a beer or two each day.  This is likely a result of the protective effects of beer against heart disease and stroke.

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