Dehydration and Heat Exhaustion: Serious Summer Bummers

summer, heat, sweat, fatigue, sunshine, safetyDehydration strikes all of us this time of year. Without proper hydration our minds and bodies cannot function optimally. By the time you feel thirsty, your body has been needing water for quite some time. This makes it important to drink water throughout the day. We need approximately half a gallon of water per day. This varies from person to person. Always drink as much as you’re comfortable with and stay away from carbonated drinks and alcohol during these hot days spent in the sun. They will leave you far more dehydrated and kill your fun in the sun quickly.

Many times, we sweat so much during the summer months that pure water is not enough to keep us healthy and our bodies safe from heat exhaustion. Severe dehydration will leave you feeling flu-like and queasy. It can seriously impair every function of your body and could get you a trip to the emergency room if you’re not careful! Here’s a few ways you can be sure to stay hydrated and beat the heat this summer.

Keep Cool in the Sun

By cooling your head and feet you can keep yourself feeling better during hot summer days spent in the sun. Try wearing breathable shoes or sandals when possible. If you have to work outdoors, try wetting your hair and keeping it off your neck. If you will be out in the sun all day, try wetting your hat to keep your head cool. Also, never forget to take frequent breaks when working in the sun.

Drink Plenty of Fluids

Hydration is obviously the number one priority when trying to stay cool and avoidingsummer, heat, hydration, fatigue, safety, sun dehydration. Many sports drinks contain potassium and sodium, which are both very important to keeping your electrolyte levels in good condition. Water is simply not enough when you are sweating the important electrolytes out. Water can actually be harmful if you drink too much of it and drown out these important vitamins. Try mixing half Vitamin Water or Gatorade with half water. This will promote healthy hydration and taste good too.

Be Aware of Heat Exaustion

Sometimes hydrating is not enough. Signs of heat exhaustion can vary from person to person, though often times you will become extremely hot and will be pouring sweat, this will lead way to feeling sluggish with a bright red face. As the heat sets in, you will become nauseous, dizzy and eventually quit sweating all together. This is incredibly dangerous. By the time you reach this stage of heat exhaustion, you must seek a way to cool yourself. Submerge yourself in cold water if possible or lay down in the air conditioning. You may black out from losing fluids at such a rate. It’s best to seek help as soon as you begin feeling bad. Always practice safe hydration by drinking water throughout the day and make sure to pack extra water for daytime activities.

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