Majority of contact lens users break hygiene rules

There are about 34 million Americans in the world that wear contacts. These lightweight lenses allow people to avoid glasses, but they require a certain level of care.  A new survey shows most contact users don’t follow the practices suggested by eye doctors.

Neglecting the rules
Contacts have to be cleaned, soaked in solution, and changed out as they wear.  The survey shows these are the rules most people break.

More than 80% of contact lens wearers surveyed prior to an eye exam believed they followed good lens wear and care practices, but just 2% actually complied with most recommended lens hygiene steps.

One of the most common rules people break is using contacts longer than suggested.  Some contacts are meant for one use, others are meant for 2-week use, but many people wear them longer.

“This is particularly common with lenses approved for two-week use,” Danielle M. Robertson, University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center said. “People often use them for three weeks or even a month, which can cause problems.

When people don’t take care of their lenses, or use them longer than intended, infections and discomfort can become problems.

Contact wearing tips:

  • Wash hands before handling contacts
  • Store lens in proper cases
  • Use fresh solution every time; don’t top off solution used previously
  • Stick to lens timeline; don’t use contacts longer than suggested
  • Use eye drops that are approved for use with contacts

Eye strains
There are many things that can strain the eyes and lead to deterioration of eyesight.   Computer screens, smart phones and genetics can all play a factor in your vision.  If you believe your vision is weak, an eye doctor can help you determine the best course of action.

Contact lenses aren’t for everyone.  Many people have issues touching their eye, or dealing with the dryness often caused by contacts.  Glasses are an alternative.

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