Woman’s breast implant falls out of place

Doctors are calling it a freak occurrence.  They’re referring to a case where a woman’s breast implant disappeared.  It sounds strange, but it’s true.

How it happened
A breast cancer survivor had recently had a double mastectomy and had breast implants put in to replace the breasts she lost to the disease.  In an effort to stay in shape, this woman went to Pilates class when she all of sudden she noticed one of her breasts wasn’t there anymore.

She was doing a Valsalva maneuver, a breathing technique in which a person takes a deep breath and holds it while bearing down.  The pressure that built up in her chest during this position apparently forced her breast implant through the slots of her ribs rage.

The 59-year-old woman did not complain of any pain, just surprise, wondering where the heck her breast went.

Doctors explain how this is possible
In this case, the woman had a few other health issues in play.  “This is not exactly going to happen to your average fake-breasted Pilates lover,” says Dr. Anthony Youn, an MSNBC contributor that commented on the case.  “This woman’s had recently undergone a surgery to repair her heart’s mitral valve, a procedure that typically involves some separating of the muscles that run between the ribs.”

This surgery left the area more vulnerable to the bizarre movement of the implant. “The weakened scar tissue was easily torn, and the strength of the pectoralis muscle pushed the implant deep into her chest,” Youn explains.

The woman did seek medical help at Johns Hopkins.  She had no immediate medical complications, no pain of shortage of breath.  Doctors were able to retrieve the breast implant and put it back in place.

The case is outlined in the New England Journal Medicine.

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