Men who use Viagra as directed need have no fear that they’ll become addicted to the drug. However, men who abuse the medication for recreational purposes could become habituated and damage their overall health as a result.  Viagra isn’t an addictive

B-complex vitamins are particularly supportive of healthy erectile function. Getting enough of them in your diet can help to prevent erectile dysfunction. Essential for overall human health, B-complex vitamins also help to support erectile function and other aspects of sexual health

For men who have not been able to relieve their erectile dysfunction symptoms through other means, MUSE offers yet another option. It delivers the vasodilating drug alprostadil into the penis via a suppository inserted into the urethral opening. Viagra and the

Sex can be wonderful, pleasurable, and fascinating to explore. But with the ups come the unexpected downs, as problems can naturally arise that we may not be as prepared to tackle as we thought. Some, like mismatched interests, are easier

Finasteride offers men a powerful weapon against hair loss. In clinical trials, the drug has been proved to stop hair loss in its tracks in 86 percent of all the study participants treated with it.   For centuries, men faced with

Walmart’s prices for Viagra and its generic equivalent, sildenafil citrate, are competitive with those at other retail pharmacies, both brick-and-mortar and online. However, ordering online can help you to avoid the hassle of waiting in line to drop off and

The expiration dates on prescription medications are largely arbitrary and don’t necessarily mean that the drug will be ineffective if taken after those dates. Popping a Viagra tablet that’s past its expiration date is unlikely to do you any harm,

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent erectile dysfunction for as long as you can. That’s because Viagra and the other ED medications known as PDE5 inhibitors may only be effective for about five years.  Men who believe that erectile dysfunction drugs

Discount coupons and special offers can reduce the price you pay for Pfizer’s pioneering erectile dysfunction drug Viagra. To save even more, consider buying sildenafil citrate, the little blue pill’s generic equivalent.  With Viagra prices at all-time highs after Pfizer’s early-2019