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Introduced in 2012, Stendra was the last of the brand-name erectile dysfunction drugs to debut on the U.S. market. Because it still has valid U.S. patents in force, it probably won’t go generic until 2025. Stendra is the new kid on

Viagra’s debut as a sponsor for a race car in NASCAR Canada’s Pinty’s Series marks yet another step forward in popular culture’s embrace of the groundbreaking erectile dysfunction drug.  It’s taken Viagra, Pfizer’s iconic erectile dysfunction drug, less than a quarter-century

Honey’s reputation as an aphrodisiac that could conceivably help to treat erectile dysfunction doesn’t really have sufficient scientific evidence to back it up. Nevertheless, it remains a delicious and marginally healthy addition to any diet.  Honey’s elevation to the status of

The best treatments for hair loss are Propecia and its generic equivalent, finasteride. Adding dietary supplements to your hair loss treatment plan probably won’t hurt, but it’s unlikely to significantly improve the outcome. Widely acknowledged as the most effective treatments available

A diet rich in certain springtime fruits and vegetables can help to prevent or at least postpone the development of erectile dysfunction. Here are our suggestions for erection-friendly additions to your diet. Spring has sprung. And with its arrival, the produce

Men with multiple sclerosis face an increased risk of developing erectile dysfunction, a common side effect of chronic neurological disease. MS can also lead to other manifestations of sexual dysfunction in men and women.Introduction National Multiple Sclerosis Awareness & Education Month

The telemedicine platform offers men with symptoms of erectile dysfunction a more comfortable virtual consultation with healthcare providers. Individuals who are reluctant to discuss such sensitive matters face to face tend to relax and open up more in such a

Prices of Propecia and its generic equivalent, finasteride, were up in February 2020 from their January levels. However, they were sharply lower than they were in July 2019. The average prices of Propecia and finasteride, drugs that are considered the best

Early 2020 prices for the antiviral medications acyclovir, valacyclovir, and Valtrex are down sharply from where they were in July 2019. Now might be a good time to stock up on these drugs that reduce the frequency and severity of