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Viagra price comparison between conventional pharmacies and online facilitators can be a bit confusing unless you make sure that you’re comparing apples to apples. It’s essential to know what each price represents. It just makes common sense to compare Viagra prices

Don’t count on your health insurance to cover your purchases of Viagra or any other erectile dysfunction drug for that matter. However, the emergence of generic competition has helped to lower the overall cost of these drugs. As things now stand,

CVS now owns and operates the pharmacy departments within Target stores. Their prices for Viagra and sildenafil are attractive but offer a lot less for your money than the same drugs ordered online from eDrugstore. CVS Health, the parent company of

The expiration of Pfizer’s final U.S. patents on Viagra in April 2020 is expected to open the door to sharply increased generic competition. And that competition could lead to a significant downward trend in prices. Generic competition for Viagra first became

Shopping at can save you time and money on Viagra, but you can cut the cost even further with a few simple steps.  Ordering your Viagra or its generic equivalent online from can save you time and money even

Using generic Revatio as a substitute for Viagra represents an “off-label” use of the former. And with generic alternatives to Viagra already on the market, using generic Revatio instead makes little sense at all.  Sildenafil citrate is the active ingredient and

Streamlined techniques using stem cell technology could someday improve the success of hair transplantation as a treatment for male pattern baldness. Japanese scientists have reported a significant breakthrough. The quest for a more effective weapon in the fight against hair loss

Horny goat weed or epimedium has long been a favorite ED remedy among folk medicine practitioners. Now research reveals that it may well play a key role in the fight against erectile dysfunction by protecting good cholesterol. Throughout the ages and

Have you been told by the doctor that you need to take an erectile dysfunction drug to maintain a relatively normal sex life? Here’s the information you’ll need to take such drugs safely and effectively. Introduction Taking a new prescription medication can