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 TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction What the Survey Found Generic Prices by Pharmacy Chain Savings Over Brand Name How Do Generics Differ? How Widespread Is Generic Use? Why Order Drugs Online?Introduction The American debut of two generic versions of Viagra in

The average cost per dose when you buy a pack of eight Staxyn dissolvable tablets at a dosage of 10 mg is $36.94 as of December 2018. Among the impotence drugs currently on the market in this country, Staxyn is unique.

Propecia, a drug made by pharmaceutical company Merck, is a popular medication that is used to slow, stop, or reverse hair loss in men. In the following table, you can get an idea of the cost of a 30-day supply

  If you’ve begun to experience some of the disquieting symptoms of erectile dysfunction, this might be a good time to consider trying one of the popular impotence drugs now on the market. Although there are several to choose from, Cialis

Valtrex is typically prescribed in batches of 30 pills, each of which contains a 500mg dose of the medication. The medication is usually taken twice daily (for a total of 1,000 mg per day) for a period of three to

Men who are beginning to experience persistent problems getting and keeping an erection can choose from a handful of effective prescription drugs, the most recently introduced of which is Stendra. The following table shows cost per dose for Stendra, based

The following chart indicates the level of risk you take ordering Viagra online from various types of websites. It doesn't seem to matter whether you're male, female, single, in a relationship, age 18 or age 80: annoying spam messages urging you

At a traditional pharmacy, you can expect to pay around $26.50 per 10-mg dose of Levitra, but you must also consider the cost of a doctor's appointment to obtain your prescription, and the cost of your time. With, your

*Updated October 2018*Prices for Viagra have increased in 2018. The following table shows the price per 50-mg dose of Viagra for three major chain pharmacies and*This price includes the cost of your online consultation, which means you don't pay