Neurosyphilis: Its Hidden Dangers [and How to Avoid This STI]

Highlights   Neurosyphilis is a complication of syphilis. Neurosyphilis occurs when the bacteria that cause syphilis attack the brain and the spinal cord. Early neurosyphilis can be symptomless.  Doctors treat syphilis and neurosyphilis with penicillin or ceftriaxone. Patients with early-stage neurosyphilis can make full recoveries. To prevent syphilis and neurosyphilis, reduce the sexual risks you assume….

What Happens If You Take Too Much Cialis?

Highlights It’s possible to overdose on Cialis, with serious potential problems including a prolonged erection (priapism), a dangerous drop in blood pressure, and other concerns. If you overdose on Cialis, contact poison control immediately.  Always use Cialis and tadalafil according to directions, at the proper dosage. Like any medication, erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs like Cialis…

Trends in Sexual Behaviors: Insights from a Recent Study

Highlights Researchers asked over 2500 Americans about their sexual behaviors. Kissing, cuddling, and vaginal intercourse are still the most popular sexual choices. Young people don’t engage in intercourse as often as earlier generations do.  Vibrator use, anal sex, and sexual choking have emerged as new sexual trends.  Something has changed in America’s sexual behaviors in…

Viagra Sublingual: Does an Under-the-Tongue Version Exist?

[Espanol] Sublingual Viagra is available in other countries, but not the United States. Sublingual Viagra works faster, but at a lower dose than oral Viagra. Although sublingual Viagra isn’t available in the United States, a sublingual  ED drug called Staxyn is. Pfizer’s blockbuster erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Viagra is a tablet available in dosages of…

Generic Viagra, Cialis or Propecia
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