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Can I Take Nasonex for Chronic Allergies?

Don’t let allergies keep you from enjoying life.

Spring, for some, means love, outdoor picnics, and soaking up some sun. For some of us, though, it means sneezing misery, thanks to allergies. We often reach for any help we can get, like Nasonex, but can we use remedies like Nasonex over the long term? Read on to learn about the long-term effects of Nasonex.

Why Do I Have Allergies?

Allergies are essentially an overreaction by the body’s immune system.

When we are exposed to an allergen, such as the pollen that sheets off of trees during the spring, our bodies release allergen-specific IgE antibodies. These antibodies bind to “mast cells” in our connective tissues. In turn, these cells release histamines that make you miserable, i.e. cause runny noses and sneezing.

What Is Nasonex?

Nasonex refers to a corticosteroid nasal spray that helps to decrease nasal inflammation.

Once in your nose it:

  • Reduces the number of leukocytic acid hydrolases, which tell the immune system where to attack
  • Makes it harder for the macrophages your immune system releases to gobble up allergens
  • Prevents the release of histamines and kinins, which signal the immune system to react
  • Helps prevent the formation of scar tissue, which can obstruct breathing later in life

Does Nasonex Have Long-Term Side-Effects?

Thankfully, we have a good idea of the long-term effects of Nasonex. Doctors have observed little evidence that there are any important systemic side-effects from long-term use. In the case of Nasonex, nasal biopsies were performed on long-term users and found no evidence of adverse tissue changes.

There are risks to overusing any form of steroid. However, your doctor should know the risks and prescribe accordingly. Generally, as long as you stick to the prescription, you should have little risk.

You shouldn’t have to suffer from allergies.

Allergy Management Plans

Nasonex may be even more effective if combined with other strategies to combat allergies.

The following strategies and tools can be used as well:

Limiting Exposure: Installing air filters in your living space, removing known sources of allergens where possible, and keeping textiles and other surfaces that pollen can cling to vacuumed and washed will help reduce your overall reaction.

Symptom Tracking: Knowing what makes you sneeze and itch can help you determine what places to avoid. Knowing what times of day you’re most reactive will help too. For example, pollen counts are usually highest between 5am and 10am, so you might consider timing your outdoor activities for the afternoon or evening.

Testing: Allergies and their severity can shift over time. Regularly use allergy panels to check if your needs have changed.

Buying Nasonex Online

As Nasonex has few long-term side effects when used properly, you can easily get a prescription online. This will involve answering a short questionnaire about your allergies and completing a phone consultation with a doctor, which is free at eDrugstore. If you’re seeking relief from allergies, there’s no reason to wait until your next check-up when you could be breathing freely right now.

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